About 24

Important Notice: 24 still under development so we do really appreciate your patience if some of the features are NOT functional 100% and we are working to make your experience as easy as possible in near future and we would like to hear from you by sending your suggestions to info@24messenger.com

24 Messenger is a unique online platform for personal, professional, commercial,  & official activities and a great destination for everyone’s daily needs, supported with a smart & secure wallet to let anyone anywhere, get anything anytime.

So go ahead, download it now to discover the life before and after joining 24.

FREE Features

  • You can use up to 4 different phone numbers (Mobile or Landline) in 1 app to have up to 4 profiles with different Name, Number, Photo, About & Online Status (Invisible, Free, & Busy) to Chat, Secret Chat, Group Chat, Audio Call, Video Call, Share Location, Contact, Send Text, Images, Emoji, Videos, Voice Messages, etc.
  • You can create a Social, Business, & Star profiles with username to avoid sharing your phone numbers with other users to Chat, Call, Post, Share, Like, Comment, Go Live or Join Live Streaming and to start earning credits from that to enjoy redeeming it later.
  • All the above and much more are coming soon.