Founder's Message


In this digital era, where’s literally we are surrounded by thousands of tech products & services, delivered to the end-user, without considering human nature, and the limited evolution capabilities, (which eventually will win), despite all advanced or stupid solutions that don’t put the user in mind, with his needs, wants, desires, wishes, interests, benefits and of course wellbeing in a simple yet effective way that does not increase the complexity of his one-and-only life.


So as a user (myself) who is fed up (like you) with partial tech solutions, and as a behavioral economics specialist, focusing on crowd & consumer behavior, and with my observations and analytics from using tens or hundreds of apps and platforms over years, and after long and extensive research, surveys and interviews with users like you from 200+ nationalities living in Dubai.


I am happy to offer you [ 24 ] the comprehensive yet easy, all-in-one platform to let anyone, anywhere to do anything, anytime, installed in one device that matters to you, (your smartphone) the most important personal device now in your life, to do a 100% of your digital life, without being distracted and disappointed from jumping between apps, wasting your time, money, and effort, memorizing (if you ever could) tens or hundreds of usernames and passwords, etc…


So hurry up and download 24 on your smartphone now, to discover your life before and after 24.

Daniel Michael Makhoul
Founder, 24 Messenger